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What is U-ETDS System? What is U-ETDS System?

Our website is designed to enter data through screens that are useful for companies carrying A1, A2, B2, D2 certified passengers, or companies carrying commercial loads with K1, K3, C2, C3 certificates. You can also use the extra features and reporting processes in our system.

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What is U-ETDS System?

Transport Electronic Monitoring and Control System (U-ETDS) is the data held by the Ministry regarding the activities of real and legal persons operating in accordance with the Law and this Regulation.

Uetds-Sistemi.com with the easy and free module, where A1, A2, B2, D2 authorization certificate holders have to forward the data to the Ministry of Transport Sends quickly.


1- Contact us from the contact section to get the petition sample and IP information to be requested by the Ministry.

2- Get the U-ETDS Username and Password by going to the Transportation Directorate you are connected to and by submitting the petition.

3- Login to Uetds-Sistemi.com/giris for free.

4- Enter your company name via Uetds-Sistemi.com/giris and enter your User Name and Password information from the Ministry.

5- Expires date, vehicle license, captain, route, passenger information etc. that the Ministry asks you to send for the U-ETDS system. enter your data and send it to the Ministry for free.


U-ETDS Advantages of the System

Using Uestds-sistemi.com, you can easily send the data of the ministry and ease your workload.

  • Free
  • Fast and practical use without the need for any help or support
  • Reporting Options
  • Notification to Customers via SMS and Email
  • Additional features beyond the data transmission to the Ministry with advanced mode

and More ....

It's Now Easy To Reach Your Goals

Focused Project Management
Report Options
Successful Operations Management
Happy Customers

What We Are Offering

Thanks to the U-ETDS System, it is very easy to communicate the data requested by the Ministry.
Web Compatible

Easily transmit all of your data by logging in with our web-compatible infrastructure.

Easy Operation Management

The operation management module allows you to easily grouping your transfers within the current day according to the time of the vehicle.


It has never been so easy to manage your company and its operations with reporting options.


You can send notifications to your customers by e-mail and sms about your operations.

Flexible User Management

With flexible user management, you can ensure that users who use your system have only the authority you want

Current Management

Thanks to the current administration, you can easily track and manage the receivables / payables of your personnel departments and agencies

Mobile Compatibility

With our mobile-friendly site and panel, your customers can access your device from any device they want.

B2B Support

With B2B Xml web serivs support you can sell your transfers through your preferred partners

Login to the online U-ETDS System

Easily transmit all the data that you need to access to the ministry by logging in to the U Etds System.

U-ETDS Login


  • Thanks to the U-ETDS System, we had the opportunity to send the information of both our staff and our vehicles and the passengers we carry.
    Uğur Yılmaz
    Uy trz
  • Sending the data of the expeditions to the ministry now takes much less time thanks to the fast infrastructure and easy interface of the U-ETDS System.
    Ferdi Akkoyun
  • With the U-Etds System, the work that took our watches and assigned one person only to this task was made possible within minutes.
    Bilal CANBOLAT
    Abbasi Tur

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